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Your Prescription Drug Benefits

IHN-CCO will pay for most medications if you have a prescription from your primary care provider, primary care dentist or mental health provider. You may fill prescriptions at almost any pharmacy in Linn, Benton, and Lincoln counties. Just ask your pharmacy if they accept IHN-CCO.

Covered medications

IHN-CCO uses a “formulary” for prescription drugs. A formulary is a list of covered prescription drugs. All IHN-CCO providers have a copy of the formulary in their office. When you need a prescription, your doctor will choose a drug from the formulary. Drugs that are not on the formulary are called non-formulary.

If for some reason you need a drug that is not on the IHN-CCO formulary, your doctor can ask for an exception. Our Pharmacy Director will decide if it is medically necessary for you to have a drug that is non- formulary. If you have a high medical need for the prescription, we will pay for the non-formulary drug.

2018 Drug Formulary 1.93 MB

Searching the formulary

To search for a specific over-the-counter or prescription drug type (for example, ‘antihistamine’ or ‘laxatives’ or ‘antidepressant’) or a specific drug name, click on the PDF link below to open the document and then press the Ctrl+F keys at the same time to bring up a search field inside the PDF. You can then type in your keyword(s) and find them in the list.


IHN-CCO has a national network of contracted pharmacies. Most major chain pharmacies and many independently-owned pharmacies are contracted with IHN-CCO and can fill prescriptions for our members. To find out about a specific pharmacy please contact Customer Service for help.

Tips for filling prescriptions

  • Be sure to bring your ID card to the pharmacy to get your prescription filled. 
  • Some types of drugs require your doctor to contact us before you can receive your prescription. This is called a prior authorization. Your doctor will let you know when the prescription has been authorized.
  • Some types of drugs have quantity limits.  This means there is a set limit to the amount of these drugs that you can receive. Your doctor will work with us to ensure you receive the right amount for your needs.
  • Be sure to talk to your doctor, dentist or mental health provider who provides the medications before you go out of town. They can help you get medication refills before you leave or tell you what to do if you run out of medication.

Forms and downloads

Here are a few forms you or your provider may need. These forms relate to your prescription coverage:

Authorized Representative Form 61.44 KB You have the right to choose an Authorized Representative. This person has your permission to discuss your health information with IHN-CCO.
Medication Exception 45.57 KB Request medically necessary medications that are not normally covered on IHN’s formulary and for medications that require prior authorization. 

View Your Member Handbook

The information on this page is a summary of your IHN benefits. For a full description of the benefits and services available to you, read your IHN Member Handbook. 

2018 Member Handbook - Medical/Mental/Dental 491.71 KB
2018 Member Handbook - Mental/Dental only 483.72 KB
2018 Member Handbook - Mental only 462.45 KB