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Sick? Let’s get you well again. Feeling fine? Let’s keep you that way! Your primary care provider (PCP) will work with you to meet your health care needs. If you need care from any other provider, hospital or clinic, your PCP is able to assist in coordinating services.

Below are types of covered medical benefits as a member of IHN-CCO. These services are covered when given by an in-network provider. If you think you need a service that is not listed in the handbook, you or your provider should contact us before you get the service.

The services listed are subject to the Prioritized List of Health Services and IHN-CCO and Oregon Health Plan rules. Benefits are subject to change.

  • Doctor visits.
  • Hospital stays.
  • Immunizations/shots.
  • Labor & delivery.
  • Laboratory & X-ray.
  • Newborn care.
  • Outpatient surgery.
  • Pregnancy & postpartum care.
  • Prescription drugs.
  • Preventive services.
  • Specialty services.
  • Therapy.
  • Vision.

Read the Member Handbook for more details about your benefits.

2023 Member Handbook

Non-covered Services

Unfortunately, IHN-CCO and Oregon Health Plan cannot cover everything. We try to cover the most important services to treat common medical problems and keep you healthy. 

Refer to the Non-Covered Services web page or the Member Handbook for a list of non-covered services.

Getting Care

IHN-CCO will be your main contact for any questions you may have about your primary care provider (PCP). Your PCP will manage your medical care and treatment and make sure that you see specialists when needed. You can call your PCP’s office any time of day or night, every day of the week. Even if the office is closed, there is still someone available to help you.

Please ask your provider’s office about their ADA accessibility, like ramps and elevators, if you have special needs. Some doctors speak languages besides English. You can ask if the clinic has a provider who speaks your language.

IHN-CCO will help you choose a PCP or change your PCP if one has already been assigned to you. Make sure that you tell us if you are getting medical services that you need to continue. We don’t limit the PCP you choose, if they are in IHN-CCO’s provider network and accepting new patients. Review the current list of in-network PCPs or contact Customer Service.

Find Care

Looking for a medical provider or clinic covered by OHP/IHN-CCO network?
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Forms & Downloads

Here are a few forms you or your provider may need. These forms relate to your medical coverage:

Choose Primary Care Provider Card Choose or change your primary care provider by filling out this card and mailing it to us.
Prior Authorization Request Form This form is for your provider. It is used to request an approval, or prior authorization, for medical services.