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IHN-CCO Can Help Keep Your Baby, Child or Teen Feeling Well

 Help your child start off with their healthiest foot forward by using these services available to them.

Well Baby, Child & Teen Visits

Your doctor wants to see your child when they are well, too. IHN-CCO covers well visits, as recommended by your doctor, to help you keep your child healthy.

These visits can help you understand how your child is growing and learning, and you can discuss any worries you may have about your child’s development. Call your provider to make an appointment and find out how often you should be scheduling a well visit.

Dental Services It is hard to know if there is a problem in your child’s mouth without a regular check-up. IHN-CCO provides two check-ups a year. Check-ups include preventative services for your child including cleanings, fluoride treatments and dental sealants.
Contact your dental care organization.
Mental Health Services

Children with behavioral challenges are served through Wraparound or intensive care coordination. Intensive care coordination services are individualized to meet the child’s and family’s needs. System of Care and Wraparound planning involve everyone in the child’s life – schools, community organizations, doctors, criminal justice and others – in forming a team around the child and family to plan supportive services. Another program for children with mental illness is known as Integrated Service Array (ISA).

If you think your family could gain from these services, please call your county mental health program. They will decide if your child is eligible.

Immunizations Immunizations are covered as part of your care. They will help keep your child safe from harmful diseases. View the immunization schedules for your child:
Immunization schedule: 0-6 years
Immunization schedule: 7-18 years
Hearing Aids If your child has been approved for hearing aids, IHN-CCO will provide two hearing aids every three years.
Vision & Eye Care IHN-CCO provides care to correct vision and glasses for children. Contact us to see who is covered to provide these services.

Want to Help Improve Health Care In Your Community?

Join our Community Advisory Council! The Council is seeking IHN-CCO members like yourself (or parents of members) who are interested in impacting the health care of our members. Learn about the work of the Council and explore your options for getting involved.
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