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Delivery System Transformation

Collaborating on innovations for healthcare delivery

Young doctor talking with patient

The goal of the committee is simple, to improve the ways in which IHN-CCO delivers care to members. The work that is done in the committee helps to guide the transformation of health care and is focused to:

Create and carry out plans to achieve better health, better access and to reduce cost

Support care teams that work to coordinate patient care, (Patient Centered Primary Care Home), as the foundation of the IHN-CCO

Recommend changes to the Regional Planning Council of the IHN-CCO

Approve and oversee pilots and the IHN-CCO Transformation Plan

Consistently look for ways to improve IHN-CCO’s efforts

Welcome innovative ideas 

Get involved

The Delivery System Transformation Committee is open to individuals involved in organizations or groups that can affect the transformation of the healthcare delivery system.

View the most recent agenda to find meeting time, location and topics.

Interested in Delivery System Transformation? Contact us.

Follow our progress

Keep up to date with Delivery System Transformation Committee progress.

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