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Dick Knowles Elected As New Community Advisory Council Chair

April 20, 2022
Dick has been involved in the IHN-CCO CAC since it formed in 2012, serving first as the co-Chair of the Linn Local Advisory Committee. He has been in the role as Chair since those early days and has, since his retirement in 2010, maintained an interest in numerous other community groups. Currently, those groups include being Chair of the Linn County Mental Health Advisory Board, the Chair of the Board of Commissioners of the Linn Benton Housing Authority, as well as a member of numerous other groups. Each of these connections has enhanced his ability to take part effectively in IHN-CCO efforts over the years. Including sharing important information and needs between each of the agencies he it.

Dick is committed to maintaining contact with the Benton, Lincoln and Linn Local Advisory Committees. He plans to encourage the sharing of ideas and challenges unique to each of the three counties and to bringing those ideas and challenges back to the regional CAC. Most particularly, Dick is looking forward to making sure that as many community members as possible are allowed to be an integral part in the development of the next Community Health Improvement Plan. He is also dedicated to aiding in the collaborative efforts of all concerned entities and parties as they work to develop the Community Health Needs Assessment. Ultimately, Dick’s continuing hope is to improve the collaborative efforts of the community and the providers of services as they each seek equitable access to quality and affordable health care.

Dick has a degree in psychology from California State University, Hayward. He became a licensed nursing home administrator in California in 1978 and spent his career working in secured facilities that specialized in treating serious and persistent mental illnesses. During his career as an administrator, he was always interested in encouraging the collaborative efforts between community members and federal, state and local government agencies as they developed laws and protocols for the provision of health care services. He was a member of numerous advisory groups at each level. The focus of his work was always to make sure that the needs and expectations of every member of the community were acknowledged and would become an integral part of any final decision regarding the delivery of health care.