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New Systems & Approaches Piloted for Delivering Health Care

Learn how pilot projects are transforming health care delivery in the region.

“The landscape is changing, and with that change we have an opportunity to make real change in our communities.”

- Beck Fox, Delivery System Transformation community cochairperson

Background image: Ulises Fraile-Martinez

Highlights From Past Pilots

See how a few of our past pilots have made a difference in our communities:

Community Doula Program

Learn how the Community Doula Program is improving birth outcomes and experiences by providing emotional and physical support during pregnancy and childbirth.

"For all moms, the support of a doula is important."

- Yesenia Sequera, Community Doula Program

Background image: Expectant parents

Reduce & Improve

Learn how dental hygienists are working alongside doctors, nurses and other clinicians, improving the lives of patients at Samaritan hospitals, one tooth at a time.

“It would be fantastic to have expanded practice dental hygienists working in every hospital.” 

 Linda Mann, director of Capitol Dental

Background image: Expanded Practice Dental Hygienist

Bravery Center

Learn how the Bravery Center is supporting rural LGBTQ+ youth by providing affirming behavioral health care and other services. 

"Strength comes in numbers and shared experiences."

- Des Swisher, Bravery Center youth leader

Community Partner Storytelling Resources

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Disability Equity Center

Learn how the Disability Equity Center is addressing gaps in health care delivery, educating health care providers and improving partnerships within disability support services.

"We are reducing stigma, raising awareness and increasing opportunities for people with disabilities to be as healthy as possible."

- Allison Hobgood, Disability Equity Center Cofounder

Community Partner Storytelling Resources

Background image: Disability Equity Center

Traditional Health Worker Hub

Learn how the Traditional Health Worker Hub prepares people to fill critical roles in health care, social services.

“The heart of a community health worker is to help out the community."

Analuz Torres, Training Hub Coordinator


Background image: Analuz Torres

CHANCE 2nd Chance

Learn how the CHANCE 2nd Chance pilot program uses community connections to help others.

“A good day is helping someone to meet their goals; giving back and helping people, walking with them and guiding them through barriers I faced.”

Chelsey Allen, Certified Recovery Mentor

Background image: Chelsey Allen

Health & Housing Planning Initiative Pilot

Learn how the Health and Housing Initiative Pilot made a difference in Linn and Benton counties.

"I want people stay engaged in their health, to be sustained in their housing, to rely on and seek out support."

Kara Cuevas, DevNW Community Health Worker 

Community Partner Storytelling Resources

Background image: DevNW and Linn Benton Food Share distribute meals.