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If You Are Pregnant, We Provide Extra Services to Help Keep You & Your Baby Healthy

If you have just become pregnant be sure to call Oregon Health Plan Client Services at 800-273-0557. Your call will help us know that you are eligible for these special services. 

Breast Pump IHN-CCO can provide you with a breast pump. You will need approval if the billed amount is over $300 or rental length greater than 3 months. Please contact us for more details.
Childbirth Education Classes We want to help you be prepared for childbirth and caring for your baby. You can attend classes like birthing, Lamaze or breastfeeding at a hospital in IHN-CCO’s coverage area. Please contact us to find out details.
Dental Cleanings Even your mouth needs extra care when you are pregnant. IHN-CCO provides two dental cleanings during your pregnancy to help keep your mouth healthy. You may have extra dental benefits during your pregnancy. For questions about your dental benefits or to schedule an appointment call your assigned dental plan.
Labor & Delivery

After birth, your body will need time to recover. To make sure you are getting the care you need, IHN-CCO covers two days in the hospital for a vaginal birth and four days for a C-section.

IHN-CCO will cover your baby’s hospital stay for up to four days. If additional care is required for either you or the child, it will need to be approved.

It is important that you enroll your newborn in Oregon Health Plan by contacting their client services department at 800-273-0557, or contact your DHS caseworker to start enrollment.

Prenatal Care When you become pregnant, you receive regular appointments to check on the health of you and your baby starting within the first three months of pregnancy.
Prenatal Vitamins It is important to take prenatal vitamins throughout your pregnancy. IHN-CCO will cover those for you. Search our drug list for available options.
Vision & Eye Care You may be eligible for a vision exam and glasses. Please contact us for details