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Get the Story Out

The documents below are for Delivery System Transformation (DST) Committee members and partners to use to spread and align messaging of the DST. They include information on promising practices, current pilots and workgroups, accomplishments, and future initiatives.


DST Informational Flyer A two-sided flyer with a brief overview of the DST, workgroups, and pilots 
DST Information Short summary of the DST, PCPCH, how the DST has funding, and additional information related to the DST. 
Roadshow Template (PowerPoint)
Modifiable PowerPoint that has information about the DST, IHN-CCO, and workgroups. Slides can be added and removed to suit the need, but the master slides cannot be edited. 
IHN-CCO Is Working in Linn, Benton, Lincoln  One-page document that shows how IHN-CCO is affecting the Triple Aim. 
Poster Template (PowerPoint)  Fillable poster template with suggested fonts, sizes, and topic areas. 
Poster Price Quotes  Prices for a printed poster at various places for typical sizes.